Need to track customer information? Create a customer record to track a customer's name, shipping address, billing address, phone number, and email address. Customers created in Evosus Pro are automatically added to your Quickbooks Online. You can add a customer in two ways.


Point of Sale

  1. Log into Evosus Pro.
  2. Click POS.
  3. Enter your PIN to log into POS.
  4. Open the Customer tab.
  5. Click  to create a new customer.
  6. Enter the customer information.
    • Display Name - Must be unique across all customers, vendors, and employees. The Display Name can include any character, including special characters, but it cannot include a colon :.
    • Phone Comment - For example, mobile, Direct Number, etc. This field does not appear in QuickBooks Online. 
  7. Click Save.

Outside of Point of Sale

  1. Log into Evosus Pro.
  2. Using the menu, select Add Customer.
  3. Enter the customer information and then click Save.

Edit a customer record...

Currently, you can only create a customer record in Evosus Pro. To edit a customer record, use QuickBooks Online. The changes that you make in QuickBooks Online will automatically update Evosus Pro.