This hardware is only supported for Evosus PRO. This hardware is not supported for Evosus Enterprise. The process listed below will only work if you have Evosus Pro. 

Step by Step:

This is the receipt printer that comes with the Go BIG bundle. Make sure you've got your receipt rolls for your Star Receipt Printer. They can be reordered on Amazon or through your office supply vendor.

Step 1: Unpack the printer and connect the USB cable

Step 2: Open the cover by lifting the lever (see printed diagram included in the box).

Step 3: Insert paper roll.

Step 4: Pull out a small amount of paper and then close the cover.

Step 5: Connect the USB cable to the computer.

Step 6: Insert the CD-Rom into the computer and then select installation on the screen. Your box should come with a CD-Rom that you can insert into your computer to launch the drivers. If not, you can download from the Star Website.

Product Type: Thermal
Printer Family: TSP100
Printer Model: TSP100 ECO
Interface: USB
Operating System: Windows

Step 7: Connect the power cord to the printer and plug the cord into the wall. You are now ready to turn on the power and print!



The receipts are printing on the Poynt device, but not your Star printer.


#1 Verify that the Poynt device is securely connected to its stand.

 - The Ponyt device can only connect to the Star printer when it's securely connected to its stand. This is the stand that is connected to the Star printer. For example, if you remove the Ponyt device from its stand and hand it to the customer so they can select a receipt option, you cannot print a receipt on the Star printer until the Poynt device is returned to its stand.

#2 Receipt preferences might not be set up correctly on the Poynt device:

- On the Poynt device go to the home screen > Swipe down at the very top of the screen > Select Settings on the screen that appears > Select Receipt Printer Preferences > Verify that no boxes in the Poynt Printer section are checked, and all of the boxes in the Star Printer TSP100 section are checked.