You will be charged for every active user in the current month!

Be careful when inviting new users to your company. If you invite a new user, you will be charged for that user in the current month. That means you should only invite new users to your company when they will be using the application. 

For example, if it's slow season and you have seasonal staff, don't invite the seasonal staff to join Evosus Pro until they will be actively working in the application. 

Add a new user

Need to invite an employee or coworker to create a user account and get started using the application? All you need is their email address.

  1. Log into Evosus Retail Pro.
  2. Using the menu , select Users.
  3. Click Invite User.
  4. Enter the email address of the user you want to invite to join your company.
  5. Click Send Invite.
  6. An invitation email is sent to the email address. It includes everything they will need to log into their account. 

Deactivate/activate an existing user

You are charged for each active user during the month. Follow the steps below to deactivate a user account.

  1. Log into Evosus Retail Pro.
  2. Using the menu , select Business Settings.
  3. Select Manage Users.
  4. Remove the check from the Active box next to their name. 
  5. A message appear in the bottom right hand corner to the screen to verify that you have deactivated their account.