Thanks for joining the Evosus family! You've created a new account in Evosus Pro. If you click the Sign Up button on, the application will guide you through creating an account. This article will guide you through the rest of the way - setting up your account so you can start processing transactions.

Step 1: Create a QuickBooks Online PLUS account

Use the Subscribe link on the Fast Track page to create an account, or you can sign up here. You're eligible for a FREE 30 day trial and discounted pricing through our partnership with Intuit.

  • What if you already have a QuickBooks Online Plus account? - QuickBooks Online made a big change to how sales taxes are calculated on November 11, 2017. We built Evosus Pro to work with QuickBooks Online Plus accounts that were created after this date, but our application is not compatible with QuickBooks Online Plus accounts created prior to November 11, 2017. If you created your QuickBooks Online Plus account prior to November 11, 2017, contact Intuit about upgrading your account, or create a new QuickBooks Online Plus account and import your data into that new company. 
  • What if you have QuickBooks Desktop? - Intuit has detailed instructions on how to import your data into QuickBooks Online Plus, but not all of your data will be imported. Check out the QuickBooks FAQs for answers to more questions.

Step 2: Set up sales taxes in QuickBooks Online Plus

Setting up sales tax is the first thing you should do when creating a QuickBooks Online Plus account. You must perform this step before doing any of the following...

  • Importing your inventory items into QuickBooks Online Plus
  • Importing your customers into QuickBooks Online Plus
  • Integrating your QuickBooks Online Plus with Evosus Pro

Here's what you need to do.

  1. Log into QuickBooks Online. 
  2. Open the Taxes tab.
  3. Follow the steps to set up sales tax. This process will create a tax authority, and QuickBooks Online will automatically create a GL account where the sales tax payable will be kept.
    • What if you're in a state that doesn't collect sales taxes, and you don't want to collect sales tax on any sale? - Unfortunately, right now you still have to set up a tax authority in QuickBooks Online in order to activate the sales tax feature. For example, if you have a single store in Oregon, you still have to set up a tax authority in a sales tax state in order to integrate your QuickBooks Online and Evosus Pro. But this authority will never accrue taxes as long as your inventory items are all set up as non-taxable. 

When you're done, your Tax tab should look something like the image below. You have a tax authority, and it is currently accruing sales tax. 

Step 3: Import your data into QuickBooks Online

We strongly recommend that you import all of your data into QuickBooks Online before integrating QuickBooks Online and Evosus Pro. For example, import your chart of accounts, inventory, vendors, and customers into QuickBooks Online. We have some templates to get you started right here.

Step 4: Integrate Evosus Pro and QuickBooks Online Plus

  1. Log into Evosus Pro.
  2. The Fast Track page should appear. If it doesn't, you can use the menu to open it.
  3. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button. 
  4. If you're not logged into QuickBooks Online, it will prompt you to log in.
  5. If you have more than one QuickBooks Online account, you will also be prompted to select which one you want to integrate with Evosus Pro.
  6. Click Authorize.

Step 5: Complete a merchant application 

Click the Merchant Application link on the Fast Track screen and complete the form. 

Step 6: Buy a hardware bundle 

Click the Hardware Bundles link on the Fast Track screen, and then purchase your hardware bundles.


Step 7: Set up your quick items

When you log into point of sale, quick items are the inventory items that immediately appear on the screen, and they can be quickly added to a sale. You don't have to search for these items. Just tap the screen to add a quick item to the sale. For example, set up all of your most popular items as quick items to save time when recording a sale. More

Step 8: Set up sales tax in Evosus Pro

We have an article that guides you through it. More

Step 9: Set up your POS Stations

We have an article that guides you through it. More

You can set up your POS stations before you receive your Poynt Smart Terminals in the mail. You will just have to go back and associate the POS station with the Poynt device once your receive it.

Step 10: Set up your hardware

Once you get your bundle in the mail, you can set up your hardware.

Step 11: Process a test transaction in Evosus Pro

  1. In Evosus Pro, go to My Account to find your PIN. 
  2. Open a POS station. More
  3. Log into a POS station and process a test transaction. 
  4. Log into QuickBooks Online and verify that the sales receipt is correct.

Step 12: Invite users

Once you've verified that you're up and running, you're ready to invite more users into Evosus Pro.

Be careful when inviting new users to your company. If you invite a new user, you will be charged for that user in the current month. That means you should only invite new users to your company when they will be using the application.  More