Connecting your Hardware:

  • Cash Drawer - Using the cord provided, take the unmarked end and plug it into the port underneath the cash drawer.  The other end labeled “printer” will plug into the trigger.
  • Trigger - The cord provided will go from the trigger into the Poynt terminal.**
  • Poynt Terminal - The only device that plugs into this is the trigger cord as noted above.
  • Scanner - This is bluetooth so it need not plug into anything.  You are provided a cord for charging purposes.
    **If you purchased a receipt printer, you will not need your trigger. You will instead run the cord from your receipt printer to your cash drawer.

Change default printer settings from Poynt to Receipt Printer:

  1. From the Poynt device swipe down then swipe left (blue menu bar) and go into settings

  2. Select Receipt Printer Preferences

  3. Select the Star Printer TSP100 and check mark the box Default to Poynt Printer on failure

  4. Close


  • Before you activate your Poynt terminal, please make sure it is fully charged (must see green light on AC adapter to ensure it is charging). This allows for a successful activation.

Need to purchase more hardware?