Version 1.0.4

  • Evosus Pro and QuickBooks Online Integration intermittently disconnecting -  Corrected an issue where the Evosus Pro and QuickBooks Online integration would intermittently disconnect, forcing you to set up the integration again. 
  • Evosus Pro and QuickBooks Online sync - We made several enhancements to improve the performance of the data sync between Evosus Pro and QuickBooks Online. In previous versions, if you had a lot of inventory items and customers in QuickBooks Online, it might take a while for those inventory items and customers to appear in Evosus Pro after setting up the integration. And in rare cases, the data was never syncing.
  • Improved performance of scanning barcodes - When scanning a barcode in point of sale, the application will now locate the inventory item with the matching barcode much more quickly. 

Version 1.0.3

View your bills, or change the credit card being charged

Use the new Billing page to view all of your bills, check out your current account balance, change the credit card being charged your monthly bill, or cancel your subscription.

  1. Log into
  2. Select Business Settings in the main menu.
  3. Click on the Billing option.
  4. The Billing screen appears.
    • View Bill - Click on this link to view a current or paid bill. This will display a PDF that you can print for your own records.
    • Manage Payment Preference - Use this option to enter a different credit card. This is the credit card that will be charged your monthly bill.
    • Cancel Subscription - Use this option to cancel your Evosus Pro subscription. 

Additional changes

  • Evosus Pro now integrates with QuickBooks Online companies that use the Tax Center (Pre-Novemeber 2017 companies). This means that you can integrate Evosus Pro with QuickBooks Online companies that were created prior to the November 2017 upgrade to Automated Sales Tax. You can also integrate Evosus Pro with a QuickBooks Online company that reverted to the old-version of QuickBooks Online after you have imported your QuickBooks Desktop data. For example, if you're using cash-based accounting and you import your QuickBooks Desktop data into QuickBooks Online, your version of QuickBooks Online may revert to the pre-November 2017 version. 

Version 1.0.2

  • Integrations - The Merchant Application link on the Integrations page has been enhanced to open a secure DocuSign document. 
  • Login - The Login screen now includes the Evosus Pro version number. This number will increment as we release new versions of the application. 
  • POS - An error message appeared when processing a manual sales receipt for an amount of $0.00.  
  • POS Login - Clicking the Last button on the POS login screen was displaying the last manual sales transaction. It was not displaying sales receipts processed using the Poynt device.
  • POS Stations - You can now add a QuickBooks Online location to a POS station, and all sales receipts processed using that POS station are tagged with that QuickBooks Online location. This is important because you can group and filter reports in QuickBooks Online using locations. To create a location in QuickBooks Online, go to  > All Lists > Locations. If the Locations option isn't available in QuickBooks Online, enable the Track Locations feature by going to  > Account and Settings > Advanced > Categories > Track Locations > On
  • POS Stations - We removed the POS station ID number from the POS Stations screen. This long ID number is only used by the application to identify a specific POS station. The Station Name (for example, Front Counter), still appears on the screen.
  • Poynt Device - Want to know which Poynt Smart Terminal is linked to the POS station that you're logged into? Just click the new  icon at the top of the POS screen, and a message will appear on the associated Poynt Smart Terminal. This functionality requires Evosus Connect version 1.9 or above to be installed on the Poynt Smart Terminal, which will be available soon. 
  • Quick Items - Evosus Pro quick items were not updating when changes were made to those inventory items in QuickBooks Online. For example, if you changed an inventory item from taxable to tax exempt in QuickBooks Online, the tax status of the associated quick item would not be updated.
  • Quick Items - We also improved the Quick Items screen to make it easier to add inventory items to your list of quick items.