If you have a Star printer attached to your Poynt Smart Terminal, but the itemized receipts created in Evosus Pro are not printing on the Star printer, try the following...

Step 1 - Run a test print from the the Ponyt Smart Terminal to see if the printer will print anything. 

  • Swipe down on the top of Poynt Smart Terminal. The following menu should appear.

  •  Swipe left and then click on the Setting option. 

  • Click on Accessory
  • Click Test Printer + Cash Drawer.

  • If that fails, verify that the power supply is plugged in. The green led on the power supply must be illuminated and the plug must be pushed all the way into the dock.

Step 2 - If that doesn't work, remove and reconfigure the Star receipt printer. 

  • Disconnect the Poynt USB cable from the dock. 
  • Navigate to into the Accessory menu on the Poynt Smart Terminal just like above.
  • Remove the Printer + Cash Drawer configuration entry. 
  • Plug the receipt printer into the Poynt Smart Terminal again. 
  • The Poynt Smart Terminal should automatically discover the receipt printer/cash drawer and provide options to test each device.
  • Run another test print.
  • If the device test prints to the external receipt printer but doesn’t print from Evosus Pro the problem may be related to the Poynt terminal not having the latest version of the Poynt OS.